What is the "Security Cube"?

Does bizhub Evolution comply with GDPR?

Which Internet prerequisites (ports/proxy) must be present before I can use bizhub Evolution on my MFP?

I forgot my password – what can I do?

Do I require the "Security Cube"?

Which security measures are fulfilled by bizhub Evolution?

When are the platform and services available?

Can bizhub EvoCan bizhub Evolution also be combined with an Active Directory?lution also be connected to an Active Directory?

Where are the servers for the bizhub Evolution platform and the connected services located?

What is the difference between bizhub Evolution and the Konica Minolta MarketPlace?

Since installing bizhub Evolution, I can no longer use some services on my MFP, for example watermarks and banner printing.

Can I authenticate myself and log in using a card reader?

Can I also use bizhub Evolution with SafeQ or another external authentication solution?

Can I also upload my addresses to bizhub Evolution?

How many pages can one document contain with the "Translate" or "Scan to PDF" service?

Which virtualization and software run on the "Security Cube"?

Does bizhub Evolution also work on an MFP with a Fiery controller?

Is information saved permanently on bizhub Evolution? If not, for how long is it saved?